For Investors

Big Data Realty uses advanced analytics and the power of big data to find buying and selling opportunities in South Florida, and to connect you with
the best real estate professionals.

For investors, we offer:

   1. Inventory Tracking – our tools tell when time is to buy or to sell, finds undervalued properties, and sell properties for the highest price.
   2. Off-Market Search – the capability locates properties not available on open market. First, the program finds all properties that fit the requirements, second, the algorithm analyses history and ownership to identifies properties that are more likely to sell, and finally, our partner realtors reach out to the property owners to negotiate the deal.
   3. Best Agent Selection – our algorithm helps to find the most qualified real estate professional based on your investment objectives because experience and track record matters.


Use the link below to schedule a consultation with one of our partners to learn how Big Data Realty can help you with your real estate needs.


Welcome to Big Data Realty!

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